Integrated Trust Network

Trust simplified for transactions across mobility, telecom and insurance.

The Integrated Trust Network (ITN) is a block-chain based, protocol-agnostic, federated network delivering decentralized identity services for a new generation of secure digital commerce.

ITN provides decentralized digital infrastructure as the required core trust services of governance, authority, identity, & assurance for multi-party business ecosystems. 

Establish and Maintain Trust

ITN trusted identities enable participation in automated business transactions, unlocking trusted and secure applications for connected mobility, telecom and insurance.

Decentralized Identity Services

The first Web 3 infrastructure for trusted self-soverign identity backed by industry consortia. Specialy built to empower cross industry community owned and operated identity solution.


Proven infrastructure enabling identity across mobility, telecom and insurance industries globally.

Open Source

The open, neutral and community led global ecosystem for enterprise grade blockchain identity services. 

Standards based Federation

Federated certificate authority based on established standards by W3C, DIF and the Hyperledger Foundation.

Technology Agnostic

Empower the development, adoption and integration with cross-industry platforms and solutions.

Member-owned and operated

Member community driver technology to reshape existing and emerging markets while maintaining user privacy and coltrols.

Cross-Industry Consortium Network

Secure network to identify entities and verify claims in an auditable, tamper-evident and privacy-preserving manner.

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ITN is on a mission to simplify trust for a mobile world where devices, vehicles and humans can successfully participate in transactions.

Backed by three founding consortia representing telecom, mobiity and insurance industries, the ITN team is made up of seasoned cross-discipline industry veterans.

Tram Vo

CEO and Co-Founder

Successful interdisciplinary entrepreneur with cross industry experience specializing in the intersections of smart city, mobility and technology.

Chris Ballinger

Co-Counder and CFO

Former CFO, Head of innovation and business analytics at Toyota. SVP and Sr Trader at Bank of America and Staff economist President's council of economic advisors.

Andreas Freund


Blockchain swiss army knife. Co-founded several blockchain startups. Distinguished engineer in Blockchain. Thought leader with 20+ years of experience in tech across many industries.

Daniel Bar-Lev

VP Strategic Programs  at MEF

Co-founder of silicon data communications startup. Creator and developer of industry-changing telecom initiatives over 25+ years

Roger Berg

Co-Chair ITN Maintainer Council

VP N. America R&D at DENSO, 30+ years in Defense, Consumer Electronics, and Automotive product development and R&D

Antonella Sanguineti

Co-Chair ITN Maintainer Council

Head of Product Management Secure Cloud & Network Solutions at Sparkle; designs innovative connectivity, cloud, & security solutions for enterprises. Former optical & routing product management & system design at Italtel, Cisco, & Ericsson

Ash Naik

Insurance Industry Representative

Product Leader, Mobility Insurance Lines American Association of Insurance Services. Entrepreneur with a long history of building and introducing new products in technology at EdCast, SalesPal, Microsoft and Dell